Über Pedro Alves

Pedro Alves - Head of Product Design, Hitachi Vantara
With more than 15 years of experience in the field of data analytics and business intelligence, Pedro Alves has been SVP Community of the Pentaho open source project until its acquisition by Hitachi Vantara. He is now taking care of product design, UX and customer experience at Hitachi Vantara.
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Integrating SAP data with PDI Bursting the black box


Christopher Keller will present Pentaho/SAP Connector

Christopher Keller will present Pentaho/SAP Connector

Data should be accessible for analyses. But oftentimes it´s not. It can be locked in systems across the organization and you just don´t have a clue how to get access to it. Or the time. That´s why I´m excited to have Christopher Keller at Pentaho Community Meeting: he will present a connector for extracting data from SAP systems and processing them in PDI.  zum Artikel

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