Analyzing the FIFA World Cup Final with Pentaho


Take a look into the crystal ball

Everyone wants to know who will win the final on Sunday. Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball to see what is going to happen on Sunday. But there was one thing that we could do instead…

We have analyzed the match data of final participants Argentina and Germany from their previous matches. To test our business intelligence solutions´ suitability for daily use we have used Pentaho´s Analyzer for the analysis of the match data. Part of the analysis were goals, fouls and passes. The results are presented in an enterprise dashboard.

The combined bar-line chart on the left top shows goals, goals against and shots on goal of both teams. It clearly shows that the German team leads concerning the number of goals – not only after the historical 7:1 against Brazil! But also Argentina has a remarkable defensive: During the regular playing time and stoppage time, the Argentines did not receive a single goal against.

On the left below we have created a line chart showing foul statistics. What is striking here is the round of sixteen match Argentina – Switzerland. During the game the Argentine team has been foult more than the average but has fouled comparatively often as well. When looking at the statistics, however, we do not expect a particularly unfair match on sunday.
Pentaho-Auswertung Argentinien - Deutschland
The heatgrid chart on the right side informs about the pass statistics of both teams. The size of the rectangles represents the number of passes whereas pass accuracy is represented by color. Thus, the semifinal matches of Germany and Argentina seem pretty balanced. During the entire tournament both teams could play many passes. The German team has played more passes and performed very well in several matches giving them a slight advantage over Argentina.

Summing up we see Germany as the favorite 🙂 and are glad to have proven that you can use Pentaho for the most beautiful pastime activity in the world. We keep our fingers crossed for the German team and are looking forward to winning the fourth star. We think that after 24 years it´s really time for it! By the way the same amount of time it took for Brazil and Italy to win it. Last but not least there is just one thing left to say, “tonight’s gonna be a good night…”

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