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Luca Olivari, MongoDB

Luca Olivari, MongoDB

Luca Olivari, Director of Business Development and Strategy, EMEA bei MongoDB gibt uns heute in unserer Blogserie “Nachgefragt” einen Einblick in seine Open Source-Welt.

Q: Who are you and how are you connected to open source?
I’m in charge of Business Development and Strategy at MongoDB in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). I’ve been working with Open Source since more than a decade having started to use Linux, MySQL and some Business Intelligence tools during my first tenure with a Systems Integrator. I’ve later decided to join MySQL AB (acquired by Sun Microsystem and then Oracle) to lead the European Sales Consulting (pre-sales) organization. I can easily say that all of my career has been spent with Open Source and Data.

Q: What does open source mean for you?
The answer I’m going give you today, is completely different from what I’d have said a few years ago. In the past Open Source solutions were the cheapest and simplest version of commercial software and innovation happened only behind the secretive doors of proprietary software companies. Today, the world is different. Think of Big Data. The vast majority of the big data products are Open Source. Same is for Cloud: built on Open Source. Open Source has become the fastest way to build solutions, disrupt markets and grow businesses.

Q: Can you describe your “normal” working day?
I travel a lot and when that happens my working day starts waking up early in the morning, sometimes earlier then 5 a.m., getting to the airport and preparing for the next appointment while on a flight. I then meet at least two prospects or partners abroad and fly back home or to another country. When I’m not on the road I work from home and that’s when I get some sleep and follow up on the meetings I had in the preceding days. I can even enjoy lunch with my lovely wife and have a proper Italian espresso.

Q: What has been your most exciting and challenging project so far?
The amazing adventure at MongoDB. In less than a year with the company I’ve interacted with hundreds of partners across EMEA and created a network that covers almost the entire region. The interest in the technology, business potential and growth trajectory are unbelievable and every day I’m surprised. The team is one of the most talented I’ve ever seen and together we’re building the largest and most productive ecosystem in the industry. Is that challenging? Yes, it is, but extremely rewarding.

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