10 WTF moments in Pentaho Data Integration

Nelson Sousa from Ubiquis

Nelson Sousa

Be it a lack of speed or a job bug, using Pentaho Data Integration can lead to a nervous breakdown. To avoid this I have invited Nelson Sousa from Ubiquis to speak at Pentaho Community Meeting. He will talk about ten „WTF“ moments in Pentaho Data Integration and how to handle them in order to save your mental health.

Who are you?
I’m a Portuguese physics graduate and mathematician at heart. I’m currently living in London, having set up a small consulting business. I´m busy with working in Pentaho projects for large scale deployments in both classical ETL and Big Data.

What is your connection to Pentaho?
I’ve worked at Webdetails for 2.5 years, having met Pedro at university (we were classmates). From there I went on to work at Linalis in Geneva, then Linalis in London, and then set up my own company, Ubiquis Consulting, in London, 4 years ago.

What will your talk be about?
I’ll be talking about WTF moments in PDI. Those annoying errors that make you doubt your own mental health until you find the, normally quite obvious, answer.

What is your most frequent or ”favorite” WTF moment in PDI?
The most frequent is lack of speed in database operations. It all looks fine until you run it in a large scale load and the speed keeps plunging.
My favourite one is also the 1st real WTF moment I had and it has to do with daylight savings time. There’s 1 hour a year that doesn’t exist as we move to DST, but the rules differ from country to country. I became kind of an expert in daylight savings time thanks to that having spent 2 days investigating a pesky bug in an ETL and another say on Wikipedia.

What do you expect from PCM?
Booze. 😉 Now seriously, I expect top quality talks from the best Pentaho devs in the world, and learning something new in every talk. Which I may forget later after Bart buys me a couple beers.

Pentaho Community Meeting 2017 takes place from November 10-12 in Mainz.
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